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Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

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ML & Clustering

Our algorithms allow for combining different and entirely disparate data sources in order to provide accurate, explainable and monitor-able prediction and decision capabilities.

External Context

Link your company’s internal data with external context, such as news or public / social user profiles to uncover unexpected and useful connections.


Low maintenance: self-learning, self-assessing, self-improving systems allow for trouble free deployment in real scenarios.

Language Detection

What language are they writing in? Our API's automatically distinguish between tens of most commonly used languages online.

Conversation Topics

What are they writing about? What are the most important topics in a conversation or text? Our API's automatically extract the most important topics for you, from any number of messages.

Sentiment Analysis

How do they feel about what they write? What is the tone of voice of a message? Our API's automatically and accurately detect sentiment for both topics and messages.

Age Gender detection

Who is writing? Our API's automatically estimate the age and gender of the text author, based on just the text, and optionally the author's (user)name.

General text-analysis

Analyzing an employee engagement survey? Processing customer feedback? NPS feedback?  Our systems offer instant analysis and automated, fully customizable reporting on texts from surveys, meeting summaries, written reports and other internal documentation. Discover useful patterns, problems, opinions and insights from your every-day company activities.

Social monitoring

Tracking your social media channels? Social insight into your brands and business?  Our systems empower you with personalized real-time reports with insights from social media, online news and other real-time sources. Safeguard your brand value, manage the reputation and measure the engagement, the underlying feelings and problems and needs of your target-audiences towards your brands, products and initiatives.