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Waiting in digital transformation is no longer an option, Digiforce smart digital transformation solutions help Vietnamese businesses use the most advanced technologies right now.

Mr. Pham Van Long Logistics Pharma Joint Stock Company “We process more than 10,000 pharmaceutical bills of lading per week, to serve more than 65,000 pharmacies across the country each week with just one The team runs the office block of 5 peoples, so the effect we have with Digiforce RPA is saving thousands of man hours a week compared to using pure ERP as before. Our analysts have gotten rid of the tedious, time-consuming work of collecting market data to focus on more productive and rewarding tasks.”

On 9th November 2022, we are successful on launching a new Upgrade about Automated Continuous Route Optimization for our Pharma Logistics system, which are serving arround 2,500 Packs/daily delivered on 36 provinces in south Vietnam, the avg cycle time arround 22,5hrs, the longest (distance HCMC-Camau) duration as 38.6hrs), this upgrade save us 30% IT system cost, eliminate 90% human cost compare with old-style routing and customer services. Hope we can double service capacity each 6 months.

1. Shipping schedule confirmation for receivers right the time the package are registered
2. Cost of fees calculation are tailored for each b2b partners, optimize their supply chain operations
3. Dynamic pricing to align demand with available delivery categories
4. Cancellation process are fully automatic back-orders and accounting statement.
5. Optimize fuel consumption and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

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For Logistics Automation Hub Administration

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