MOBIFONE - Customer Feedback Processing by RPA
The first A.I. applied solution on Big 3 Telco in Vietnam about Robotics Automation Process

If you ask any Vietnamese if they know who Mobifone is, the answer would be a definitive yes. Mobifone is Vietnam’s big4 communications company with a network that covers 30% of the population.

Mobifone provide us hundreds thousands of historical feedback tickets with correspondent resolutions, our RPA team propose the Machine Learning model to take processing on interactive practices between CS team and Content Providers, resolve the feedback in couple of time.

We success to utilize the current customer service channel by the Process Automation, with our RPA robot, Mobifone reduce 80% cost for operators, save 90% cycle time for each customer feedback.

SOTRANS - Origin Management System
With more than 400 ratified free trade agreements (FTAs), SOTRANS  protect their customer from fines and unexpected cost.