INSURIA - Digital Insurance Platform
Insurtech Vietnam is part of a new wave of insurtech startups in the country taking advantage of this

“We want to remove any What is the bottleneck in the journey? of the customer can cause the contract claims and claims often delayed,” Mr. Tri, Insuria's President commented.

The key to achieve this is to reduce the amount of paper and numbers number of points of contact, as well as Eliminate redundant process steps. We also want to interact deeper with our customers themselves, update them throughout sales and inquiry lifecycle, and at the same time give them the ability to more convenient access to services they require.

Insuria provides digital services for technology insurance industry, is in-depth sharing platform digital insurance business for transmission insurance companies system in Vietnam and the world. Insuria recognizes a precious opportunity price to convert the selling process goods and claims into a comfortable experience and more efficient.

Regardless of how it enters the system - by mail, fax, or email - the document is classified and sent to a workflow queue that matches an existing request or contract. 

Next, each document goes through an extraction process to identify and store any pertinent data. “Tracking these metrics provides us with two opportunities: one is to recognize superstars, the other is to warn under performers to help improve their performance. With insights, we can take steps to further improve processing productivity.” To further increase efficiency, Insuria worked to track each step in the contract and claims handling process to identify areas for improvement, including in the application using the Digiforce Dashboard. 

“With the Dashboard, we can set KPIs, such as the time taken for each step, who touched each document and how many times, the number of documents classified in each batch, the time average for each classifier, etc." Mr. Tri, Insuria's President commented. 

Enhancing the user experience In addition to optimizing behind-the-scenes processes, Insuria is also enhancing the interactive customer experience. We now provide our customers with regular updates on the status of a pending claim or contract, along with other communications, including the message “We can assist you.” How can I help?” - it all helps keep customers informed and makes them feel comfortable.

Document capture has become a sales accessibility, helping Insuria to process contracts and related documents more efficiently than ever before. "In the past, a document being ready took up to two man-hours; now it only takes 10 to 15 minutes. And in this process, documents are sieving-provided for 3 to 5 times faster processing, and touch the document just once, reduce it by up to 80%" In addition, Insuria estimates that the new solutions will reduce the time to evaluation by at least 75%, Mr. Tri added, "This will help us speed up the cycle Lifetime of the claim, from submission of valid documents to payment. If all relevant claim documents are sent to us by 2 hours, we can issue and mail the check at noon the next business day.”

“The new approach to contract issuance and claims processing has yielded significant benefits. The ability to digitize and streamline many aspects of customer interactions, from purchasing contracts to submitting and managing claims, will make it much easier for customers to do business with us. This will help us increase satisfaction and loyalty, and gain a valuable edge over our competitors. We see our investment in Digiforce solutions as a game-changing differentiator in the market.”

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