About Us
"Creativity is the criteria, the driving force of our development."
Thang Pham
Director of INNORIA


Culture is something that you cannot borrow and it tells who you are, there are blood that flows inside us is the accumulation of harmonic values, ideologies and goals toward the customer.

Commitment to the customer is our core value

  • Ability to collaborate with customers is our key to success.
  • The development and growth capacity of each employee as a source of our business life.

Always appreciate the ideas for innovation and efficiency.
Purposes may change, but always forward - we offer a self-improvement service by days.

Customer Service

Regulary, new features are added to increase the quality and diversity of our product line. The one element that has stayed constant for three decades is our dedication to customer service. To us, customer service is more than just saying “Hello” pleasantly. It is the most important factor for our growth and our position in a competitive marketplace.


1. Beleiving on inside ability and th new level of quality
The future project development needs a new vision, new motivation and new people.

2. Set the core values for each product or technology
Uniformed Data, Standardized Business Process, Flexibility on the Transition Phase.

3. The pioneer of creating the trend of application
Always researching the innovative method, persistent effectiveness on the information technology development direction.



Address: 45, 3rd street, Trung Son RQ, Binh Hung ward, Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh city.
Phone: (+84 28) 5431 9867

Development center

Address: 02, Cao Thang street, Ward 7, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province.
Phone: (+84 28) 5431 9867